First Step – Setting Up The Autoresponder

Youtube marketingIn my first video that I have ever made that I actually show my face and talk on I spoke about stepping out of my comfort zone. I thought that making a frontal video and putting myself out there was stepping out of my comfort zone. Yet once I began that task it was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I just did it.

Now, now I have to set up the autoresponder and now I really know what stepping out of your comfort zone really feels like. Let me start with the begining of my journey, I’m sure some of you can relate. Read the rest of this entry

Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone

comfort zone

I’m sure that many times you have been faced with a challenge that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. You manage to put it off and sometimes the task may even miraculously disappear. Well today I have a task, one that takes me out of my comfort zone, a task that I always thought I would never do as there was always a way around it. Yup its that dreaded getting in front of the camera and actually tearing down the curtain and showing the world who I am!

Daunting- YES! Doable – YES! Desire to DO it – NOT REALLY. Going to jump on the challenge – YOU BET YA!

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Mindset – Do You Get It?


If you have spent any time in the internet marketing world you would have heard a lot about the right mindset. I know that when I started out online I honestly had no idea what this mindset thing was and why it was such a big deal.

Seriously everywhere I turned everyone was talking about getting your mindset right and you’ll go places. But heck what is mindset?! If you check out the meaning of mindset on wikipedia, good luck to you if you understand the first three sentences!  That small piece of the puzzle kept alluding me. Seriously what was everyone going on about? Why is it so important? I mean I’m here to make money so lets go, what does my mindset have to do with it? Read the rest of this entry