Youtube marketingIn my first video that I have ever made that I actually show my face and talk on I spoke about stepping out of my comfort zone. I thought that making a frontal video and putting myself out there was stepping out of my comfort zone. Yet once I began that task it was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I just did it.

Now, now I have to set up the autoresponder and now I really know what stepping out of your comfort zone really feels like. Let me start with the begining of my journey, I’m sure some of you can relate.

Last week I listened as Dean Holland in the Quick Start Challenge spoke about the importance of setting up the auto responder and the how’s and the why’s. To be quite honest nothing was new to me. The only thing that was new was this time round I was actually going to do it. No more yeah I know this needs to be done, but now I’m actually going to do this.

So naturally I’ve been putting it off until now the last moment before I have to hand it in! I mean don’t get me totally wrong I have all the things I need. I have my autoresponder and I have my amazing product to give away, I just need to put it all together. Much easier said than done!

SO with many online chats to my getresponse autoresponder help person, I actually have an optin form on my site! I have emails going out and I’m ready to start building my list.

Funny how this to me was way harder than getting myself on camera! So guys now that you know that it took a lot of courage and perseverance and much mindset to get out of my comfort zone, why not come and sign up and see what all the fuss was about. Hey you may pick up a few tips too!

Would love to know what your thoughts are. Post a comment below.

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