If you have spent any time in the internet marketing world you would have heard a lot about the right mindset. I know that when I started out online I honestly had no idea what this mindset thing was and why it was such a big deal.

Seriously everywhere I turned everyone was talking about getting your mindset right and you’ll go places. But heck what is mindset?! If you check out the meaning of mindset on wikipedia, good luck to you if you understand the first three sentences!  That small piece of the puzzle kept alluding me. Seriously what was everyone going on about? Why is it so important? I mean I’m here to make money so lets go, what does my mindset have to do with it?

Well three and a half years later, yes it honestly has taken that long for the penny to drop, I think I’m finally starting to understand this mindset thing.

Firstly what you think and how you think does influence you. It influences your success. Many people who get involved in the IM (internet marketing) world face many close friends, relatives and love ones who think they are crazy, pouring over a computer every spare moment and for what? To make a couple of dollars or worse, nothing at all?!

Yet deep down you DO believe that there is something to this, that there is money to be made on the internet, and yes you are going to find the way to do it.

Believing in yourself and taking action on the courses that you purchase, following through to the end of the course that is all part of your mindset. How many times have you bought a course, started it, didn’t even get half way through and bam another amazing product comes across your path and you are convinced that you should try this one too? Before you know what has happened, you are a good couple of hundred dollars out of pocket and you have some great products collecting dust on your hard drive as you have no time to get to all of them.

Well I’m done with the hundred of amazing, incredible products that are sitting on my hard drive. (and believe me I have a lot!) I don’t need all of them, I just need one. One product that will guide me and take me to the next level. No I’m not one of those marketers who has been at this for 3 years and hasn’t made a dollar online yet. Actually I’m one that has made money online, I have proven to myself that money CAN be made on the internet. I do get checks from my affiliate companies that I’m involved in, and my Paypal account does see some action, but NOT ENOUGH.

SO the time has come to ramp it up. To take action to the end. Not to get distracted with all the other shiny products out there. The time has come to take one product, one challenge and see it all the way to the end. The time has come to get to the goal of making $3k online. I know its possible, I believe its possible and now with the help of the Quick Start Challenge I’m going to get there. My mind is in the right place, I’m positive and I’m taking action.

So please, join me on my journey. I know it won’t necessarily be easy, I’ll probably want to give up and try something else, but now I can’t! Why? Well, I’ve taken that first step that my challenger Dean Holland from the Quick Start Challenge put before me and I have publicly announced to the cyber world that I’m going to make it. Now I can’t go back on my word! So let the fun begin, let the challenge begin! I’m ready!

Watch this video by Tony Robbins, it got me in the right mind set. Finally! You may have to watch it a few times to have it really sink in. Take the time to watch it and take it all in. You will only benefit.



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