comfort zone

I’m sure that many times you have been faced with a challenge that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. You manage to put it off and sometimes the task may even miraculously disappear. Well today I have a task, one that takes me out of my comfort zone, a task that I always thought I would never do as there was always a way around it. Yup its that dreaded getting in front of the camera and actually tearing down the curtain and showing the world who I am!

Daunting- YES! Doable – YES! Desire to DO it – NOT REALLY. Going to jump on the challenge – YOU BET YA!

So here it is, me Chava Scheinowitz, stepping out of my comfort zone and making my first ever video for the world to see. I’m sure that now that I have done it and proven to myself that I can do it, I will do this again.

Thanks to Dean Holland and the Quick Start Challenge team for giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and get out there!

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